Dijitul Acquire Concept Creations

By: Olly on April 15, 2016

Concept Creations is a national digital agency specialising in organic search engine optimisation. Building clients from all sectors and industries, they provide both local and national marketing campaigns to suit any business. Concept’s pride lies within customer service and transparency which has allowed them to build a substantial ongoing client base throughout the UK. Edwinstowe based

Dijitul Donate 1 Years Worth Of Charity Marketing

By: Tom Caulton on February 10, 2016

Here at Dijitul, we come across many wonderful projects to work on, we’ve covered everything from office furniture to car parts and, something that’s always particularly special, charity. We were approached by Adam and Keith Maddock late last year to build them an online shop to be populated with well over 10,000 products, including from

New Team Members Wanted!

By: dijitul on August 18, 2015

No, we’re not getting rid of the current team – we are simply wanting to grow it:) We are looking to fill the following roles – all are full times roles, 40 hours a week with 1 hour for lunch. Junior Designer Apprenticeship We are looking for an apprentice design wizard to join our design department. Must have

White Screen on WordPress Site – link-template.php.suspected

By: dijitul on June 11, 2015

We’ve been having a recurring problem on a WordPress website despite everything being up-to-date and clean according to Sucuri. The site seemed to go down every day, and present anyone visiting it with a blank white  screen; By default WordPress hides the error messages, so we have to change this to “True” in wp-config.php for

Pitch to Rich with Locul

By: Tom Caulton on April 10, 2015

Building The Next Google We have recently rolled out the newest addition to the Dijitul family, and that is Locul. Locul is a new UK based website builder and marketing service that will eventually go on to become a search engine in the future – a full UK based, UK tax paying Google if you will.

Interesting JPEG Virus – PHP/Small Trojan

By: dijitul on January 22, 2015

Those of us that are from the Napster/Geocities era, have witnessed many viruses in the form of perfectly harmless looking MP3s and trojans disguised as Chat programs, but although i’ve heard of them I have never actually seen a Virus within an image file. A JPEG to be more precise. Our webhost forwarded us an

Windows 10 To Be A Free Upgrade For One Year

By: Tom Caulton on January 22, 2015

According to Windows chief Terry Myerson, Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for one year, if you already happen to be running either Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, or Windows 7 operating systems. This is an unusual move for Microsoft, as there is usually a cost to upgrade from one operating system to another,

Now taking payments in Cake

By: dijitul on October 30, 2014

Our office buzzer went earlier, and we were greeted by someone delivering these beauties; They were sent to us by one of our newest customers, Sharon and Jack @ Earth Angel Grave Care as a thank you for the website we’ve recently built for them. The cakes were delicious, and the Earth Angel team are an

A website a day – Day 5

By: dijitul on September 26, 2014

For the last part of our ‘week of making websites live’ I am going to talk about a website we have worked on with the client to gradually make it exactly (and i mean exactly) how they wanted it. We were approached by Graham and his daughter Daisy as they wanted to start selling Grahams

A website a day – Day 4

By: dijitul on September 25, 2014

The next website we are “launching” this week, is a new site for Kirkby College which is a local school/academy that approached us last year as they wanted to use the web as a means of attracting new students, and as a communication tool for use with existing students and staff members. Their old site