Display latest tweets using Twitter’s new API

By: dijitul on June 14, 2013

So we’ve come up against a stumbling block this week due to Twitter changing its API. You might have seen (if you’re a website owner or developer) that your widgets displaying your latest tweets have stopped working this week. On the website we had a nice widget displaying our latest tweets and also displaying working

Welcome to v4.2

By: dijitul on May 14, 2013

Hello – and thanks for visiting our new website. Like with anything “tech” related – websites (especially web design agency websites!) are out of date the second they are launched – so despite our old site only being a year or so old, we had truly grown to hate it and felt it didn’t reflect us as a company at

Wifi Technology Coming To Mansfield Town Centre

By: Danny Watkinson on December 19, 2012

Mansfield town centre is to be thrust to the forefront of the technological revolution as the “next generation” of retail technology is on its way after the town managed to secure funding for one of the largest free public WiFi hotspots in all of the UK. A £37,000 cash pot raised through numerous outlets will not only see wide

Comet Heading Into Administration, Is The Internet The Reason?

By: Danny Watkinson on November 1, 2012

A long term staple of the British high street, electronics retailer Comet could soon be no more after it was confirmed that the company will be heading into administration, with 240 stores closing and, sadly, 6500 jobs being lost. This closing has come as quite a shock to many as the Comet Group has been

Don’t forget to renew your Domain Name…

By: dijitul on September 10, 2012

For many people reading this – forgetting to renew your domain name is like forgetting to breathe. It’s probably not going to happen. However, some of us are busy people and potentially have domain names littered about the Internet in different domain name registrar control panels – I can think of about four domain names I’ve never used (but

Want to work for

By: dijitul on August 31, 2012

Well we are looking for a new member of our team 🙂 Intermediate Website Development & Design We are looking for an intermediate level web developer and designer to join our growing team here in Mansfield, notts. The successful candidate would be experienced with; * PHP, CSS, Javascript and other languages * Graphics Software such

Clearing your Cache? CTRL and F5? What?

By: dijitul on August 13, 2012

We often tell customers to press CTRL and F5 when they are not seeing the latest version of their site, many people will just do it without question, some will reply with a simple “Err, what?” – and one or two will know why they have to do it, but for everyone else, here’s why;

Twitter now experiencing problems

By: Olly on July 26, 2012

All day we have had issues with Google Talk and it now appears that Twitter are themselves having technical difficulties. Our correspondent over in Dubai has reported that he nor team members can access the service as well as thousands across the UK. It seems today has been full of technical errors for some of

Google Talk restored for most users

By: Olly on July 26, 2012

Within the last thirty minutes we have started to see some Google Talk activity and can report that the Dijitul office is back on-line. According the to official Google Apps Status dashboard some users are still experiencing difficulties but thankfully for us and our clients its back on-line and working fine 🙂 If you are

Facebook, Google, eBay and Amazon join forces

By: Danny Watkinson on July 26, 2012

What happens when you take four of the biggest internet companies in history and join them all together behind the same cause? You get the newest powerful pro internet political lobbying group in the USA! The giants of search (Google), eCommerce (eBay and Amazon) and social networking (Facebook) will in September officially launch “The Internet