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A website a day – Day 4

The next website we are “launching” this week, is a new site for Kirkby College which is a local school/academy that approached us last year as they wanted to use the web as a means of attracting new students, and as a communication tool for use with existing students and staff members.

Their old site was done in-house and very quickly fell behind in terms of updates and functionality. They wanted to update their own content and be able to appoint different staff members different roles within the site, meaning the responsibility of performing updates and adding content did not come down to one person.

Website No4 – Thursday – Kirkby College

We visited Kirkby College a few times initially to ensure we knew what they wanted, and then re-visited the site to take photographs and train staff members up on how to use the platform. During the design phase the College’s elected point of contact liased with the other teachers and staff members and they sent over links to other educational websites that they liked the look of. We took the best and loosely based the design around that. Once it was signed off we built the site around WordPress and then loaded on all the supplied content.

We’ve added events calendars, digitally signed application forms and the whole site is fully responsive/mobile friendly of course!

Unfortunately, we are just waiting for the final sign off since we added the last bit of content yesterday so I cannot release the new domain name just yet but hope to do so later on today.

Stay tuned for tomorrows entry! 🙂

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