Your Digital Toolkit

When you are choosing your new digital agency, it’s reassuring to know what they are capable of before you enter into a working relationship with them. Below, is a summarised list of the kind of tools we use as a full service digital agency. 


Paid Discovery

One of our most popular and productive services, a paid discovery session will find things out about your business that you didnt even know yourself.

Digital Strategy

Rather than jumping straight into a design, we prefer to create a bespoke digital strategy so that we all stay on track along the journey.

Marketing Strategies

From paid search, organic search, social media, pr and everything in between – a marketing strategy from dijitul is often the difference between failure and success.


Branding Design

Good branding is your digital “first impression” to the world and to your potential customers, so getting it right is a crucial component to achieving real success online.

Website Design

Your website is your storefront, it needs to be tidy, professional and engaging for your target demographic. Its gotta look nice as well, of course.

Graphic Design

From banners, flyers, social media imagery, billboards, corporate clothing and everything else. We can design anything, for anything.


Custom Development

Two passions of ours are automation and integration, and we factor these passions into bespoke software solutions that we create which save our customers time and money, and help them take control of their businesses. We can also make bespoke modules for any website, for any purpose. 

KashFlow Integration

We’ve integrated 100’s of websites with Kashflow and built KashFlow into numerous custom CRM systems, anything is possible.


Deko Integration

Offering finance can be an amazing way to sell more online. We’re a Channel Partner with Deko and can help you integrate it with your online shop or website.




SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a key component to our Web Presence Optimisation strategies, and its the process of taming the Google beast and getting your website ranked higher.


Pay-Per-Click is a great method of getting instant business, and we use the various PPC platforms to drive business and get you phone calls, bookings and ultimately make more money.


Maybe you get traffic, but it never seems to turn into anything? CRO is the art of Conversion Rate Optimisation and it involves split testing subtle changes to your website to get your more from your existing website traffic.

Media & Other


If a picture paints a thousand words, a video must paint a million. Using videos in your marketing campaigns on the web lets you tell a story about your business, without writing essays that no one reads.


Many people are tempted to use stock photos on their websites, and these can work in some circumstances – but having your own high quality photos taken is guaranteed to help turn more website visitors into real customers


We dont own loads of printers ourselves, instead, we work closely with a local printing company so that we can offer a full service to you. We prepare the artwork and liaise directly which results faster, better quality results.


PR is often overlooked as a marketing medium, when in fact it’s actually a crucial element to a digital marketing strategy. Our PR specialists can help craft articles and get them published and build a buzz around your brand.

IT Support

If your IT doesn’t work properly, then there is no point in trying to to implement new strategies to drive your business forward. We can help you streamline your systems and get your IT working for you, not against you.

Everything Else

We dont profess to be masters of everything, but what we can’t do – our friends can. Through a network of interlinked companies owned and operated by our friends, we are able to offer a full digital service to you.