A website a day – Day 3

As we mentioned yesterday, the next website in our 5 part series is a rebuild of the Manor Sports website. Manor Sports are a Gym and Fitness Centre that is based in the grounds of a local school. They open the Gym up to the general public so the website is a main driving force when it comes to drumming up customers. We made their original site a few years ago, but Phil and his team at the gym identified a lot of their traffic was on mobiles and the previous website wasn’t built with mobiles in mind – so that, and a refreshed image were the main points on the brief, and we set out to achieve just that.

Website No3 – Wednesday – Manor Active Sports

When we originally made their website we made it in WordPress, meaning we didn’t have to rebuild the foundations of the website for this project. Our team ensured the plugins and WordPress version were up to date and set about creating designs that we felt fit with the initial brief we were given. We ensured the website was fully responsive and that the information the site visitors needed was clear and visible enough so it could be easily found.

The URL/Page structure has been left intact and the content has been tweaked – but nothing too major so as to not shock Google and cause any kind of negative impact on the website’s Google positioning. Part of the project was to also take lots of new photos of the Gym for use around the site and also for them to use in marketing material such as flyers and brochures.

This project is now in its 3 month warranty period that ships with most websites we make – this gives the customer peace of mind knowing we’ll iron out any little bugs for them at no extra cost while the website is finding its feet!

Take a look here: www.manor-sportscentre.co.uk

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at a local college website that we have recently rebuilt – thanks for reading and please share 🙂


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