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A website a day – Day 5

For the last part of our ‘week of making websites live’ I am going to talk about a website we have worked on with the client to gradually make it exactly (and i mean exactly) how they wanted it. We were approached by Graham and his daughter Daisy as they wanted to start selling Grahams sheet music via their own website.

Little did we know that Graham was a world renowned musician, has invented, manufactured and distributed his own musical instrument across the world and is possibly one of the most well known composers of useful, educational sheet music in the world.

Website No5 – Friday – Useful Music

Now as per yesterday’s release, this is in the final content checking stages so there will be no link, but this website has been a long time in the making and been a collaborative effort from ourselves, the team who commissioned us to work on it and their in-house graphic designer who came up with most of the branding and colour schemes.

The site is built around opencart, but has been extensibly customised so that is is solely tailored towards digital downloads. We have spent months tweaking this and tweaking that, so that once launched it will be as if its a 100% custom bit of software.

The product catalog is controlled by an advanced CSV file that the team can add to and edit – and simply upload in one go to fully update the website. No manual editing of products required. Of course, the site is fully mobile friendly and tested across multiple devices and browsers to ensure it is accessible by anyone on any internet enabled device.

We built bespoke Youtube plugins and have added in lots and lots of custom features to make the site work as they wanted it to. We’re awaiting the final thumbs up before we go live with the site and we’re really excited to see if our combined efforts over the last few months will achieve what we all originally set out to do.

Link coming soon!


That concludes our mad week of making websites live, we still have EIGHT more websites to go live over the next few weeks so keep checking back and look out for them coming – busiest year EVERRRRR!

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