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Pitch to Rich with Locul

Building The Next Google

We have recently rolled out the newest addition to the Dijitul family, and that is Locul. Locul is a new UK based website builder and marketing service that will eventually go on to become a search engine in the future – a full UK based, UK tax paying Google if you will. This unique mobile friendly service is aimed at all small businesses in the UK. Why? Because we believe every small business deserves to have an online presence it can be truly proud of.

Other “website builder” websites are available out there, but we aim to offer something different. With all of our websites fully customisable, quickly and with ease by either our team of experts or the customers themselves, any sized business can use their Locul website to build a real online presence, and by choosing from one of our tailored Locul marketing packages they will have the very best chance to succeed online and grow themselves and the local economy – all starting from just £25 per month.

The overall aim for Locul is for it to become a franchise, and have digital ambassadors in every single town, working with companies to develop or improve on their existing online presence.

This concept has been pitched to Richard Branson, which can be seen here ––locul/ – We are hoping to do well with this and hopefully gain some invaluable advice from Mr Branson, and we need your help to pull this off. So, please click on the link provided above, and give us your vote if you like the idea behind Locul.

Before you go, if you are currently paying for a difficult to use, unattractive website which does not serve it’s purpose, then we encourage you to pack up your bags and join us. Simply click the link to the Locul website to find out why –


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