Google Confirms Live SERP Experiments

By: Tom Caulton on March 22, 2016

Image Source: Search Engine Land Google Have Confirmed Running Live SERP Experiments Across the globe, many SEO’s and regular searchers of the “interwebs” have been debating whether or not Google run live SERP experiments. Well, at the recent SMX, Google’s ranking engineer Paul Haahr has finally shed some light on this long lasting debate. According to

How To Use Yoast To Boost SEO

By: Tom Caulton on March 21, 2016

In this post, I will show you how to use Yoast to boost SEO. As many of you may already know, Yoast is a great tool to help boost the SEO of any WordPress website. But for those that don’t know what Yoast is or how to use it, this short and easy to follow

Google To Boost Their Mobile-Friendly Algorithm This May

By: Tom Caulton on March 17, 2016

News broke last night when Google announced on their webmaster blog, that they’re going to be boosting the effects of their mobile friendly algorithm they launched last year in April. This is all the more reason why your website must be mobile friendly. Google stated on their blog that the update to their algorithm will

What Is A SERP?

By: Tom Caulton on March 11, 2016

What Is A SERP? Find Out Everything You Need To Know About SERPs. When it comes to marketing and the online world, you have probably heard or seen people talking about SERPs at some point, but if you don’t actually know what the term ‘SERP’ stands for, you could quickly lose focus of what of what

SEO Tip: Localise Google Search Rankings

By: Tom Caulton on January 15, 2016

As any SEO worth their salt will know, not so long ago Google took away the ability to localise searches with the location search filter, and instead of being able to change the town you’re in, all you can select now is the country you’re in or from any country – as you can see

Missing SEO Data On Google Analytics

By: Tom Caulton on October 9, 2015

So, this morning, we were checking our Google analytics account and found that all of our “Search Engine Optimization” data under “Acquisition” has completely disappeared. We can no longer see our queries or top performing landing pages for 2 of our properties. However, the data is still there in Google Search Console. Our data all seemed fine yesterday.

Payment Gateway – 3d Secure Timing Out – HUGE issue!

By: Olly on September 28, 2015

I seem to be qute proficient in finding issues that are (in my opinion) HUGE and yet are being mostly ignored by the companies associated with them. Last time it was a HUGE issue with Google Panda, this time it seems to be an issue with online payments, 3d secure (Verified by Visa) and any customer

WordPress Admin Chrome Bug

By: Olly on September 14, 2015

Since the latest 4.3 WordPress update, the admin sidebars have been behaving very strangely and visually messing up when the admin user was trying to browse the admin area. However, it seems that this issue is actually with Chrome, and not with WordPress itself. Please follow the steps below to get rid of the annoyance

#SEOthroughtheages – 5 Things 1960’s Taught Us About Digital Marketing

By: Danny Watkinson on September 8, 2015

Far out man, the 1960’s taught us a few things about SEO… The swinging 60’s, a time of political and social upheaval, strife and struggle, free love and consumerism, and before anyone here at Dijitul was even born. Despite the fact that it is before our time though, and long before the time of the internet,

Working with a 3rd Generation website owner

By: dijitul on July 29, 2015

Building long lasting relationships with our customers is a main focus here at dijitul – we do always take on new work but we spend a lot of time working with existing customers as the longer we work with a customer & their industry, the more we understand them – and this results in some