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Does your Website Hosting?

  • Stress you out due to Downtime and Distant Tech Support?
  • Cause you Anxiety due to Unreliability?
  • Cause Damage to your Google Placement?
  • Negatively Impact on Conversions, due to speed?


Then its time to make a change!

Refreshing, Reliable Website and Software Hosting!

Easy, Reliable Website and Software Hosting

You can buy cheap hosting for 99p a month, but you know what they say – you buy cheap, you buy twice! Also, we offer a website concierge service, not just plain old hosting. We wont send you some info and leave you to it, we will set your website up, ensure its robust, secure, backed up, and also put in place the latest advanced DNS management to help block attacks and improve performance.

In a nutshell, we offer a more hands-on service and dont just treat our hosting customers as a number.


Why use dijitul for Website Hosting?

Daily Amazon S3 Backups

Advanced DNS Management

Separate Offsite MySQL Backups

Advanced or Basic Uptime Monitoring

Direct Phone Support - No Live chat

All WordPress Updates Taken Care Of

Monthly Uptime Reporting (if required)

Peace of Mind

Confidence to Scale your Business!

Mansfield Web Hosting

Dijitul host and support numerous WordPress websites for our Marquee Hire Network and their help and knowledge is second to none. Very friendly and would recommend to anyone

Our Story

We’ve been hosting websites since 1996, and during that time we have learnt a few things about hosting websites, software and how we can provide the best service possible. It all started with free web hosting, and now our team manage 30+ web servers for customers all over the world. Initially, we got into hosting as we needed somewhere reliable to put the websites we were making, but as time went on and as we dealt with more and more other web hosts, we realised that there were too many “get them in, onto the next” web hosting “Factories” and they can only offer a cheap service, they dont offer the full package.

Think of it like the difference between a Taxi, and a Limo. Both will take you the airport, but you’ll only arrive happy, relaxed and ready for anything in one of them!

Contact us today to discuss your website or software hosting requirements, and we’ll show you how we can take the pressure and stress of hosting away from you, forever!

Olly – Director