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Free Bio/Link Page Tool

Sometimes, when you can’t get something out of your head – you just have to crack on and get it done!

Most social platforms allow one URL to be added to your profile, and it is clickable on your profile if someone chooses to view it. Due to this, many people found themselves in a position where they had to choose one of their links, their website, their online booking system, their other social accounts – but how do you choose the most important one, when they are all equally important?

Well a few clever souls created a range of web apps that allow you to create yourself a little “landing page” that you can still all your credentials on – and link to that instead.

Very simple idea, yet its a great one!

My Dilemma

I have recently started to use our wrk social media accounts more and came to the same issue myself, so looked at the common Bio/Link page services that most people use – and found myself feeling furstrated that most of the good usernames were gone, but also the platforms were quite slow and free features were quite limited.

My Solution

So I browsed about a bit and found someone had made a CMS for this, so I got it, thought of a cool name, and LinkPile was born

It all came together in a few hours and its fast, intuitive – and at the moment its 100% free. I am not sure if it’s something that will have paid accounts on at some point, but i’m not too concerned about right now.

So sign up, and secure your username before someone else does! 🙂

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