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Online Payments Guide for UK Vape and CBD Sellers in 2022

So, you launched a Vape or CBD business during lockdown and now you are struggling to take payments or promote your products?

Or perhaps you have been doing this a while and your current Vape Payment Gateway and/or CBD marketing company have booted you out?

Maybe you are looking to launch an online CBD or Vape business in 2022?

Well – pull up a chair, pour yourself a coffee and let me bring you up to speed with the current Can Do’s and Can’t Do’s for online UK CBD and Vape brands in 2022.

I got 99 problems but payments and marketing… oh wait…

So what’s the big deal? Vape products have been available for over a decade now? And CBD is legal?

Well – thanks to the chaos over in the USA in regards to vape products being targeted at minors, even though that seems to be calming down – the damage has been done and has bled over to us here in the UK. The core CBD issue is different though, but the reason for companies shunning CBD and Vape companies is the same.

Reputational damage.

Most of the big players online are based in the USA and Cannabis is legal all over the USA now, yet despite that the large players (eBay, Amazon, Facebook, PayPal, VISA, Google, etc etc etc) refuse to deal with CBD business or vape companies in case people start talking trash about them.

Thats it.

Surely, that can’t be it? These products are legal? It makes no sense?

I’m afraid it is, after trying to reach out to people in the big companies, it always ends up with canned replies and mixed messages. It seems everyone is confused to be honest.

It is very clear though, that the big players simply want nothing to do with these industries any more, which leaves everyone in it in a really sticky position. Sat on stock, can’t take payments for orders that have come in, and dont want to mess with crypto etc….

So how can you take Payments for CBD and Vape products?

Don’t panic – there are solutions available. Unfortunately, you can’t use PayPal for CBD or Vape websites, and you can’t use MOST of the larger payment providers – that said, we scoured the market and found the largest player in the game that is ok with CBD and Vape products.

We have successfully helped many CBD and Vape sellers get back to selling their CBD products online and their Vape products online – we can also help with card terminals for these industries too.

Rates circa 2% – all you have to do is click this link and fill the form out that is at the bottom of the page.

Ok, Payments sorted – but I can’t drive traffic to my website? Help!?

Google ads, boosted posts on facebook – all blocked for people in these industries. However, we do have PPC solutions for Vape companies and can also get CBD paid ads live too. We do have to use some outside the box thinking but we have successfully created and managed PPC campaigns for Vape and CBD customers previously.

dijitul can help CBD and Vape businesses in the UK

We work with CBD brands, retailers and manufacturers up and down the UK and have a track record of working with Vape businesses in regards to Design, Development and Digital Marketing.

So dont worry if you feel lost of overwhelmed with trying to find solutions to sell your product asnad bring people to the door – dijitul can help, just fill out the form below or give us a ring.

We look forward to helping you grow your CBD or Vape business.