BlogAdviceAre you prepared for the Black Friday and Christmas Shopping Periods?

Are you prepared for the Black Friday and Christmas Shopping Periods?

It’s getting darker earlier, and the cold weather is starting to draw in which can only mean one thing.

Thats right, the last few months of 2022 are closing in on us and right now is the period in time where you should be preparing your website and marketing for the winter sales.

Black Friday – Friday, 25 November 2022

Black friday has risen in popularity over the last few years and is a great event for bulk retailers and anyone wanting to massively increase turnover in a short space of time. Bulk purchasing electrical items or things that would be seen as being “gift worthy” is potentially a good idea, as people are in “Xmas present” mode and black friday is seen as the perfect weekend to grab all those bargains and get organised ready for xmas.

We predict it will be particularly busy this year due to the cost of living issues we are all facing at the moment. Anywhere that people can save a buck is going to be taken advantage of – so dont miss 2022 black friday! 🙂

Christmas – Sunday, 25th December 2022

Over the last few decades, Christmas has become less about religion and more about gift giving and spending time with loved ones. Most people look forward to the end of year break and enjoying good food, good company and recieving thoughtful gifts from the people they care about and that care about them – and similar to black friday, people will be looking to get things as early as possible as there have been reports of stock shortages and shipping delays due to the current state of affairs globally.

Don’t leave it too late and miss the boat – get your marketing and your website prepared and ready for the surge of online shopping that is about happen.

If you need help getting your products and/or services out to the world or you would like to build a website for a new venture, in time for the end of year sale period – then get in touch and lets see what can be achieved.

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