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Cost Increases for Digital Services

We’re going through some strange times at the moment, costs for pretty much everything are spiralling out of control and people are starting to feel the pinch all round.

After speaking with other digital agency owners, it seems that these pressures are starting to affect their overheads too, which could cause your invoices for things like hosting and marketing to increase.

Wholesale hosting costs are increasing, the electricity costs for running servers has gone up, rent in server rooms has gone up… And it’s the same for marketing software and related services, they all rely on hosting and other 3rd party tools/things too and they are all being put under pressure like everything else.

I think a lot of people assume websites and digital services use pixie dust and magic to achieve the results they achieve, but in reality the internet needs the real world in order to operate.

So, please be kind to your digital services provider during these hard times, as your website and the internet may be the only advantage we have as a society, to help carry us through.

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