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Welcome to v4.2

Hello – and thanks for visiting our new website.

Old websites make us saaaaad...Like with anything “tech” related – websites (especially¬†web design agency websites!) are out of date the second they are launched – so despite our old site only being a year or so old, we had¬†truly¬†grown to hate it and felt it¬†didn’t¬†reflect us as a company at all!

We’d also cut a few corners and based it on a stock theme as we simply¬†didn’t¬†have the time to start from scratch. This time round we’ve made time – and we’re really pleased with the end result!

One thing we wanted to ensure with our new website was that it was different. We’re not corporate, we¬†don’t¬†use macs (heh sorry) – we are creative/nerdy/geeky/fun and our old site just¬†didn’t¬†show this off at all!

Our website design team treated this like a customer job, created design drafts for us and we sat and¬†discussed¬†them like we would with a customer. Once¬†we decided¬†which design¬†we liked, instructed them to turn the design into a website – and we started to look at our content… which we realised over the years had gone a bit crazy!

There were probably 100+ pages on the site, all optimised for certain terms and stuff – but when we¬†analysed¬†the data we soon realised that these pages were simply there for fear of us not ranking for those terms – and the terms we were worrying about were both¬†pointless¬†and¬†didn’t¬†actually bring any positive traffic to your site (traffic, and positive traffic are two very different things – talk to our online marketing team!) so we have taken a chance and totally sacked them all off.

We now have six pages and some portfolio items (and a lot of redirects) and we are so much more confident and comfortable that every page and paragraph is correct!

We still have some tweaks to make and some more portfolio items to add Рbut so far so good!

Hit the comments button below and let us know what you think!

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