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What do we offer here at dijitul?

It always surprises me when I speak to a client that we have worked with for many years, and they are surprised that we do X or Y services – “Oh I didnt realise you guys did that too!?”

But then I remember they are not web professionals and this may be their first time dealing with a digital agency, so they cant be expected to know all the possible services and if we do in fact cover them all.

In this article I will outline the core services we offer, but also talk about some of the unique services we bring to the table and some of the specialist areas we work within.

Digital Services

First and foremost we are a web design and development company. This is generally the term used to describe a company like dijitul, but this doesn’t mean we just make websites.

Our web design and development team specialise in making WordPress websites, and Opencart online stores, however we have worked with most platforms (CMSs) so can usually assist anyone with any website design or development requirements.

We also produce bespoke web software and integrations for businesses, everything from custom CRMs, accounts package integrations to bespoke billing software. Anything is possible.

The team here at dijitul also provide digital marketing to businesses in the UK and the rest of the world. This includes Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Reputation Management and Conversion Optimisation. We can assist any business with any form of Digital Marketing.

Location Specific Services

Our HQ is based in the heart of the UK, and whereas our services are digital and we can provide them to anyone in the world, its sometimes better to work with a company that you can regularly meet and discuss things with face to face.

Our local services are as follows;

Industry Specific Services

Additionally, we have a number of niche services that we provide to specific sectors of business, as these are areas we have had success with in the past and want to help more people benefit from these solutions.

Website Payment Solutions

Not every business can use the likes of PayPal or Stripe for taking payments for their products online. Even if your products are completely legal, if they fall within certain categories then the big payment providers dont want to be associated with the products/services/industries due to reputational reasons. So over the years we have established links with various payment providers that can help businesses that fall within these categories.

We also cover a few other digital services too, from web hosting to support and everything inbetween.

So, when we say we are a complete digital agency, we mean it! 🙂

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