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If your sales person wasn’t selling, what would you do? Raise their wages? Just put it down to the fact other companies are bigger? No!

Why treat your online shop any different? If your website isn’t selling, it needs work. It might even need firing!

We can help.

Figure out where your site is falling short and losing customers with the help of our eCommerce experts. We’ll help you find out where your site isn’t converting. Maybe you’re advertising in the wrong places, maybe your site doesn’t work on mobile devices or maybe it’s talking to the wrong audience completely. We will solve your online selling problems and help you sell more.

Let’s work on upgrading your online sales team.

Our Story

Back in 2002, we started a car enthusiast club and built our first website. Within a few years, we had built a membership base of over 15,000 people, and the site became one of the biggest modified and performance car forums in the UK. Due to the success of the original website, companies who supplied products to the site’s members started asking us for help with their eCommerce websites.

After a few projects, we realised that our skills were in-demand and took the risk to quit our jobs and dive head first into building our own business together. dijitul was born. Our original goal was to help aftermarket car parts suppliers sell more online. The new company’s first ever project was to build an online shop for an alloy wheel retailer and increase sales. We did that, plus so much more.

The rest is history, and over 12 years later dijitul has their own offices, a team of awesome eCommerce web design experts and works with a number of well-known businesses.

Olly – Director

Our Story


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