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Kashflow Integration Services

KashFlow is a web based accounting software that hosts your accounts “in the cloud”. All aspects of accounting can be performed using KashFlow including invoices, quotes, customer management, basic stock control and VAT returns.

The system includes a very in depth system to integrate with 3rd party applications and custom built software. This is done via the KashFlow API, all aspects of KashFlow can be controlled by the API enabling us to build very in depth integrations. If you require KashFlow to be integrated with your existing systems and software or want a system building based around KashFlow to handle the accounting side of your business, feel free to contact us to discuss requirements.

Kashflow – Opencart Integration

We have recently launched a fully fledged integration with KashFlow and Opencart, including features such as Automatic customer creation upon order creation, Invoices created automatically on payment being accepted, Full stock control using KashFlow products, Credit invoices for cancelled orders, including returning stock back to the item, Stock and price information is kept in sync between OpenCart and KashFlow.

Kashflow – Magento Integration

We have now ported our fully fledged KashFlow integration that was initially developed for Opencart to Magento. The same features as listed above for Opencart are all there, although the technical aspects of how these work have been altered extensively. Integration’s are done on a case by case basis and costs vary depending on the complexity of your setup. Contact us today to get your orders, customers and invoices out of Magento and onto KashFlow.

Kashflow and Bluepark Integration

We have been busy adding new integrations for our KashFlow service and can now offer the same features as we do with Opencart for the popular Bluepark eCommerce platform. Invoices are automatically numbered and created with a unique customer reference within KashFlow. Contact us today to get your orders, customers and invoices out of Bluepark and into KashFlow.

Data Migration

Are you or your clients using an old Accounting package or simple spreadsheets and looking to upgrade to a cloud based system such as KashFlow?

Whilst KashFlow provides a lot of import options, sometimes they don’t quite do the job that is required. We offer a service to work with you, your data and the KashFlow API to ensure that your data is ported across as completely as possible giving you and your accountant a smooth migration process.

This service also covers other data migration to KashFlow such as migrating product data from various sources into your KashFlow account, giving you the ability to manage stock or simply sell the same products via invoice as you do on your online store.

Custom Interfaces & Reporting

We loved the old KashFlow interface and was a bit taken aback at first by the new interface. After using it for a while we became accustomed to it but there are still certain things that can be improved such as simplifying the way products are added to an invoice line and improving the way products are managed though a custom interface rather than using the KashFlow backend.

Finally, whilst KashFlow offers many reporting options sometimes you need to drill down to additional information. Using the API we can produce a one off or continual report that can be customised to your exact needed and drill down to exactly the information that you require.

Custom Kashflow Integrations & CRM

If you have an eCommerce platform or accounts package that isn’t listed on this page, then chances are we will be able to create some form of integration between the KashFlow system and your website or app. 

We also are in the beta stages of a CRM based system to manage your stock for multiple websites from a single KashFlow installation, again with fully automated stock control and invoice creation.

Contact our development team today to find out more.