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Selling psychedelic products online has its own unique set of challenges to overcome.

With heavy advertising restrictions and legal boundaries to follow, you can’t hire a run-of-the-mill digital agency.

If you want to build a successful psychedelics company online, you need someone that knows the industry. You need someone that knows where to advertise, how to speak to your customers and has a secure, solid payment gateway option in place.

With over 20 years of experience, dijitul can offer all of that. We are a full-service agency that builds websites, provides marketing, develops software, and much more.

Specialising in high-risk industries such as psilocybin, psychedelics & magic mushrooms, along with CBD we’ve experienced first-hand the problems faced by companies trying to make their name in the industry.

We work with both well-established brands and newcomers to the industry. We analyse current data to develop effective marketing campaigns targeted at the right audiences.

Custom Solutions That Solve Your Problems

Specialising in web design and digital marketing for psilocybin, magic mushroom & psychedelic products, we’ve experienced first-hand the problems faced by companies trying to make their name in high-risk industries. Psychedelics manufacturers, distributors and retailers are still fighting against a host of problems selling online, and we have solutions for them all.

Our Story

We’ve been crafting amazing online experiences since 2002.

Our dedicated team consists of some the best developers, strategists, designers and marketers in around. We’re here to get your company outselling your competitors, streamlining your sales process and reaching the right audience for your products.

We’re a full-service digital agency – meaning we’re with you every step of the way: from design to production, promotion to expansion.

The psychedelics industry is like no other and your company deserves the best agency in the industry.

Olly – Director

Our Story