SEO steps up

By: Danny Watkinson on May 24, 2010

A quick word or two from the SEO team at Dijitul. As the heat steps up on the internet more and more companies are finally starting to look at their website for an additional revenue stream and entering the world wide web with their products and services. Google, the biggest search engine in the world at

WordPress NextGEN Gallery Shortcodes

By: Olly on April 2, 2010

Whenever we build a website using WordPress and the client requests a gallery – we always use NextGEN. I can’t fault them for the features it offers, its a fantastic bit of kit – but when it actually comes to the shortcodes to get it to display stuff – NextGEN fail big time. So I

Cheeky Hardcoded Access to Clients eCommerce Store

By: dijitul on March 26, 2010

Our clients often come to us with websites they have had developed somewhere else – sometimes the websites are awesome, made well, with the right elements taken into consideration to enable them to succeed in the SERP’s – but unfortunately, most of the time they are garbage. We’ve had some site in particular that as

A busy weekend for our eCommerce customers

By: dijitul on March 16, 2010

Monday morning we came into the office to a flood of online order notifications. As we manage a number of eCommerce websites for our clients we tend to get copied in on the orders and what a weekend it has been! Over the past few months we have been working closely with a number of

Dare you be different?

By: Danny Watkinson on March 8, 2010

With hundreds of new websites being launched every day it is becoming increasingly difficult to make your website stand out. The web design industry is booming at the moment and companies all over the world are fighting for the Top 10 positions on Google not to mention all battling for the best possible web design.

eCommerce officially rocks

By: Olly on February 26, 2010

Following a busy week in the Dijitul office, overseeing our Web Designer building a new eCommerce store it has dawned on me just how amazing some of the eCommerce features are. We are currently working on a new urban clothing online shop which is looking totally awesome and have been amazed to see the kind

Cubecart Design

By: dijitul on February 23, 2010

As we mentioned recently Cubecart 5 Beta has been released and is currently being tested by our in house Cubecart specialists. Cubecart is a brilliant eCommerce platform and is used by over a million companies worldwide with many more joining the Cubecart family every day. We use Cubecart for all of our online shops and

WordPress for SEO

By: Olly on February 23, 2010

Using WordPress for SEO has allowed us to build more websites advertising the many services we offer as well as sell products online using WordPress eCommerce plugins and PayPal. It really is a dream for companies wanting fast SEO results not to mention being the most user friendly content management system ever! Features include canonical

WordPress does wonders for the RimWax

By: Olly on February 23, 2010

Following a year of selling Rim Wax Alloy Wheel Wax we thought it was time to give the website a bit of a facelift and give the on-line sales a kick. After a long debate we decided to use WordPress with simple Paypal Buy it Now buttons. Using our recently developed WordPress theme “Framework” we built the site

Freeindex Listings and Widgets

By: Olly on February 18, 2010

Another great business directory and one that is definately worth signing up for. Not only are Freeindex business listings totally free but they allow others to view things such as testimonials from customers. Once you have a number of testimonials you can embed a review widget into a page on your website so that it