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Fraudster pretends to be FreeIndex!

FreeIndex have been made aware that a company or an individual has made several phone calls to businesses on the FreeIndex website asking for credit card details for payment relating to their FreeIndex listing and profile.

FreeIndex are assuring all users that this is no way connected to FreeIndex, and if you receive this sort of phone call, do not hand over any credit card details or make payment in any way. FreeIndex does not charge businesses to be listed on the directory, full stop.

The built in cold call protection which was integrated into FreeIndex earlier this year should stop them from making a large volume of calls, but if you do receive a call we would very grateful if you could get as much information as possible about them, e.g. Location, individuals name etc, and then let the FreeIndex team know so they can try and take action.

(on behalf of the FreeIndex Team)

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