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YouTube for business

You may think that YouTube is the place where everyone uploads videos of their mate’s falling over or the site where you can see the funniest pets in the world, well, for some that’s just how it is. Looking at YouTube from another angle is not something that many people do until it hits them in the face.

Imagine this, you make a funny 30 second clip, something so funny that people cannot help themselves but to share with friends and spread around the web showing all the other web users how cool this video is, some even like the joys of seeing other people laugh knowing that they found the video first. As crazy as that might sound there is actually some real logic behind it.

Can you remember the “Charlie bit me” video on YouTube? For those who don’t here it is.

Finished watching? Wondering what this has to do with your business?

Well, there is not really an answer as the relevance this video has to your business is none. However, what the video does have is an audience and a pretty huge one at that. From 22 May 2007 that video alone has had over 150 million views, yes 150 MILLION. In addition to this, the parents who shot the video now have their own YouTube channel, have been on Richard and Judy, made national news and will likely reap more benefits from this.

Now imagine using the same concept to promote your business, can you see how it could work?

If not, give us a call and lets get explain things in a bit more detail.

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