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Making the world more local and relevant

Ive just watched a rather long video from a Google conference and presentation about new Google technologies, and how Google is moving forward and embracing the modern web. For a while now i’ve had my doubts as to how Google could keep up with how “real-time” services like Twitter, and Facebook are reporting news, breaking stories within seconds of them happening. For example, I found out Michael Jackson had died from Facebook – where as a few years ago it wouldn’t of been until I had spoken to someone who had been near a TV or Radio.

new google realtime search results pageGoogle’s answer to everyone’s need for up-to-date information comes in the form of merging these new services within its everyday search pages. So when you search for, example, Barack Obama (i use an Americanised term as its still rolling out to the uk) and we get a nifty section of the search results tailored to displaying feeds from Twitter, and soon to be MySpace and Facebook.

Its a really good idea, and it certainly quashes any rumours that Twitter search would replace Google once Twitter started following and spidering links within tweets. The shoe is on the other foot now, but i suppose it could end up being a revenue stream for Twitter if they are charging Google for the feed?

We’ve tested the Realtime element of the Google search results pages, and so far we are not really sure what triggers that section to appear on the first page of results – Maybe it will be on every page once its fully rolled out? Only time will tell.

Another thing they talked about was how Google is becoming more relevant based on your location. So Google Suggest will be tailored to the area you are in, Google product searches will include details of where you can buy the items you are looking for locally – and “Near Me” features on Google Maps will allow (and does already with some interfaces) people to look for what’s happening where they are right now, without actually telling their phone/pda where they are.

They also covered other ways of searching, I.e with Voice Recognition and translation and Google Goggles (amazing!) – but afterwards i couldn’t help feeling a little worried for all SEO people out there. Our work is about to get much tougher when taking on Nationwide SEO campaigns, as we will not only have to Optimise for relevant keywords, but also for different locations, and not only will Google itself start making its results more localised, I also believe users are getting more experienced and will also start improving their search queries to include more localised terms.

What do you think to all this?

Are you into SEO and are you worried this might mean the end of your profession?


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