Are you making the most of your Marketing spend?

By: Olly on October 5, 2022

Are you in control of your own marketing? Or do you rely on an external marketing agency that keeps things cryptic and confusing, meaning you dont really know what is and isn’t working for you? We have onboarded a few customers recently that were at the end of their tether, spending money left right and

Opencart eBay & Amazon Integration Modules

By: Olly on September 21, 2022

One of our areas of specialism, is design and development using the Opencart eCommerce platform. We have used it since the very early days and continue to produce websites based on its codebase. When dealing with complex variations/options and advanced product configurations, other popular platforms like WooCommerce tend to bog down and start being slow

Are you prepared for the Black Friday and Christmas Shopping Periods?

By: Olly on September 21, 2022

It’s getting darker earlier, and the cold weather is starting to draw in which can only mean one thing. Thats right, the last few months of 2022 are closing in on us and right now is the period in time where you should be preparing your website and marketing for the winter sales. Black Friday

Google Ads Certified

By: Olly on September 15, 2022

We are currently refreshing our Google Ads Certifications – our digital marketing master Danny is updating a qualification each week – the “Google Ads Search Certification” was the first one sorted this week We have worked with Google Ads since it was practically invented, and all team members have gained these qualifications before – but

Has Your Web Project Been Abandoned?

By: Olly on September 7, 2022

Due to the devastation that Coronavirus (Covid-19) has caused, and now the current cost-of-living crisis: many companies in the web hosting, web design, and digital marketing industry to close their doors, leaving many of their customers web projects abandoned. This is a hard time for all businesses in all industries. Our aim during this time

Cost Increases for Digital Services

By: Olly on August 24, 2022

We’re going through some strange times at the moment, costs for pretty much everything are spiralling out of control and people are starting to feel the pinch all round. After speaking with other digital agency owners, it seems that these pressures are starting to affect their overheads too, which could cause your invoices for things

Starting a Vape or CBD Business in 2022

By: Olly on July 21, 2022

I felt compelled to write this, as I am still contacted by CBD and Vape businesses every single day that have just spent their first month throwing a DIY eCommerce store together, adding all the products they can find and slapping the first payment gateway on it that will accept their application. Only to find

Vape & CBD eCommerce Websites from £10 a month!

By: Olly on July 14, 2022

The CBD and Vape worlds continue to explode as we charge through 2022, as more people start to focus on their health and wellbeing and attempt to live better, and for longer. Health is wealth. We have worked with both CBD and Vape businesses from the startup phases and beyond, and we continue to speak

How to purge deleted items/empty the trash in New Roundcube webmail 1.4.13

By: Olly on June 8, 2022

We provide pop3/IMAP emails for most of our hosting clients, and some of them prefer to use the WebMail interface we supply, Roundcube. Some of them use email clients such as Outlook, Windows Mail and Thunderbird. However, if you have your email set up as IMAP then you may find your email storage runs out,

Monthly Retainer or Ad-Hoc?

By: Olly on June 2, 2022

NB: The benefits of having a retainer are based on retainers from dijitul – I cannot guarantee that you will have the same benefits with a retainer from an alternative digital agency. Ok so you run a business, you may have an office you rent with a service charge for the communal areas and outside