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We have been providing digital marketing and design/development services to businesses since 2006, and during that time we have identified our strengths and our weaknesses – and organic digital marketing (SEO, etc) has been something we have become very good at.

Our Marketing Manager – Danny – has managed countless SEO projects and helped achieve great success for many of our clients, and whereas there are many people out there that can help you with PPC and paid advertising, the SEO world has been neglected a lot over the last decade or so. This is a shame, as statistically a highly placed website in Google SERPs converts much better than a well optimised paid advert;

In the B2B ecommerce sector, organic searches convert nearly three times as often (4% compared to 1.8%), and the same is true for B2C ecommerce (3.3% to 1.2% for PPC)


The reason SEO has been neglected has been due to the rise of the FOMO attitude, and how fast trends and fashion change. If a certain product becomes popular, you need to reach potential customers FASTER before it falls out of fashion. SEO takes time to build, whereas you can be up and running with a PPC campaign in no time at all.

That said – we are firm believers in the long term approach and long term investment to achieve long term success, and that’s why we still push SEO as the best investment you can make into your digital marketing.

If you want to see what would be involved in carrying out SEO on your website, then contact our team today using the dropdown form in the footer of our website, or reach out to us via our website contact details, and we’ll carry out a FREE SEO review of your website that you can then use to make an informed decision about whether or not you feel SEO would be a sensible investment for your business.

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