Zuckerberg Tops Google+ Followers

Despite not having made a single public post, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is the most followed person on new social network Google+.

There was a wave of mild surprise around the social networking world when the Zuckerberg confirmed that amongst the obvious fakes, he did actually have his own Google+ account, and he has gone on to be the most followed user by quite a margin.

Zuckerberg has over 184,000 followers, which puts him far ahead at the top, ahead of Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin who sit second and third with less than half the number of the Facebook chief.

The immense popularity of his profile is probably down to the fact that Google+ is seen as trying to build itself up to rival Facebook and even knock the social networking king off its throne, and people probably want to see Zuckerberg voice his opinions of the service.

He is not the only social networking boss to sign up to the new service however, with Twitter’s Evan Williams, LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman, Flickr Co-founder Caterina Fake, and Myspace founder and former social networking leader Tom Anderson – however none of them have drawn the popularity of Zuckerberg.

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