Yahoo Boss Fired

Yahoo’s chief executive Carol Bartz has been fired from her position at the company after two and a half years in charge.

Back in 2009 Ms Bartz took over from one of the companies founders Jerry Yang, in an attempt to turn around its falling fortunes as it continually lost ground in the search industry to Google. However, despite her early job cuts to save money, and enhanced focus on providing personalised search resultds, the fortunes could not be turned, and she has been ‘removed from the board of directors, effective immediately’.

Chief financial office Tim Morse will take over temporarily whilst the board of directors work to find a full time replacement.

In my opinion, this change of captain is hardly surprising, despite partnerships with Bing and continued work to try and establish itself as a true competitor in the industry again, Yahoo! seem to have stagnated and made very little progress, whilst Facebook has emerged and revolutionised the way people spend their time online, and Google remain search leaders have developed their own highly popular mobile operating system, and become a competitor in the social media market.

However, whether or not the change will actually make any real impact remains to be see and turn their fortunes around remains to be seen, either way, something signifcant will need to be done to turn Yahoo! around.

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