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The Worlds ‘Most Valuable Brands’

A recent ‘league table’ of the most valuable brands in the world has revealed that technology and online focused businesses are becoming increasingly dominant throughout the world. From the top 10 list, 6 are internet or technology related – and only 1 is British.

Search engine giant, SEO focus and internet browser producer amongst many other things – Google, was valued as the most valuable brand in the world, reportedly worth a massive $44.3bn , whilst computing giant Microsoft came in second worth $42.8bn

The full list is as follows –

  1. Google ($44.3bn)
  2. Microsoft ($42.8bn)
  3. Walmart ($36.2bn)
  4. IBM ($36.1bn)
  5. Vodafone ($30.7bn)
  6. Bank of America ($30.6bn)
  7. GE ($30.5bn)
  8. Apple ($29.5bn)
  9. Wells Fargo ($28.9)
  10. AT&T ($28.8b


Whilst there is some disappointment with there being only 1 British company in the top 10 (Vodafone), and a few surprise absentees (no facebook?) it is still a very intruiging list, and shows the change that this world technology revolution is bringing to business, and will probably continue to for a long time.

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