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Why Automotive Businesses Need Digital Marketing

Automotive Businesses need digital marketing. Here’s why…

In this day and age, the world somewhat revolves around the automotive industry, whether it be commuting to work, dropping the kids off at school, modifying your car and so much more, there is a good chance that your life now revolves around some sort of transport. However, if you are just starting up in the automotive business, or have been established for many years, you have to keep developing new ways to stay on top of your competition, and that is where digital marketing can propel you to new heights within the automotive industry.

Just like every car manufacturer in the world is trying to be the best, so are other companies – for example, car cleaning product specialists, allow wheel refurbishers and so on will always be looking to get one over on their opponent. But, almost all of these companies forget about advertising in some way shape or form on the internet, and still think word of mouth or through television adverts are the best way to go – this is not true.

So, now you’re probably thinking, well how can I be better than my opponent? Well, that’s easy, find a company that specialises in digital marketing in the automotive industry, digital marketers have many different tactics at their disposal that will be able to help increase the traffic of your website and in the long run, lead you to more online sales.

Trends and Tools in the Automotive Industry

With the automotive industry being the type of business it is, it allows you to be much more creative than others, as you can see by the image below, this amazing piece of advertising all started with a simple billboard showing off an Audi A4, which then escalated quickly into a war between 2 of the most recognisable car manufacturers…in the world (Jeremy Clarkson Voice) Audi and BMW. What followed was simply brilliant, in what seemed like a game of chess, Audi then challenged BMW to come up with something better, so they did, BMW bought a billboard right across the street, which was twice as big, with the word ‘Checkmate’ and a photo of a BMW. However, this didn’t end there, Audi then responded to this chess move, with a rather hard-hitting message saying, ‘Time to check your luxury badge. It may have expired.’ With a photo of a darkened out Audi R8. As you can imagine all of us here at Dijitul, that specialise in automotive marketing, were all beginning to get a bit excited. What will BMW come back with? Well, they bought a huge billboard right above the Audi showroom, simply brilliant!

digital marketing in the automotive industry

Now, I’m not saying go out and buy a massive billboard right across the road from your competitors and start a war per say, but it’s this type of thinking and genius that helps us think outside the box of digital marketing. after all, there were no losers in this Audi/BMW battle as they both gained massive publicity, and pictures like the one above were circulating around social media outlets for weeks afterwards, simply showing the power which it holds. ¬†With social, you can reach millions of active users looking for the product/service that you specialise in, and you could bring thousands of them all with one simple tweet, leading to a huge sale of your products. This is something we call the holy grail of tweets. Of course, your social media marketing campaign doesn’t have to just revolve around Twitter, there are loads out there for you to target, and some are better than others, depending on¬†the industry you are in.

There are many growing trends in this side of the automotive industry, with new techniques always rolling out- and it’s up to us as the digital marketers to be the next trendsetters. And the great thing about social is no matter how boring you think your business is, there is always a place for you.

What Does Digital Marketing In The Automotive Industry Consist Of?

That is one of the most frequent questions we get asked here at Dijitul, and I intend to answer it. Digital marketing consists of many different techniques ranging from typical SEO (Search Engine optimisation), social media marketing, conversion rate optimisation and much more. The beautiful thing about digital marketing is that it has all been designed to get your business to the top, whether that be of search engines such as Google, or making more money and outperforming your competitors.

Research also plays a massive part in your marketing campaigns, you have to got to learn who the customers you are reaching out to are and what get’s them reacting and relating to you. If you specialise in coilovers for example, there’s a good chance they will only respond to things that relate to getting low. Then you have to find out more information, are the majority looking to lower their car for the aesthetic appeal, or are they wanting to build a track beast? By spending some of your time researching your target audience, you could quickly build your brand with the right customers and grow a loyal fan base.

Digital marketing doesn’t just consist of work off of your site, after we have studied your target audience, we will then make modifications to your website – tune it up, so to speak – ensuring that your potential customers will be drawn in through your content (make it relate to them) and then we will make your website easier to use ¬†so they have a quick and easy transaction. Not to mention, if your content is spot on, you will soon start to fly up the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Find out more about SERPs.

We will also check the state of your current site before we carry out any marketing campaign for your company, so we can see just what needs to happen to make your website a success.

How Can Digital Marketing Improve My Automotive Business?

Digital Marketing will improve the overall feel, user experience and size of your business. Being online, is one of the biggest factors of having a successful business in the world we live in today, and If you don’t have a strong digital marketing campaign set up by a professional team of experts for your company, you could soon fall behind your competition and not gain enough sales to make a profit. With online marketing, you are levelling the playing field, between you and the well-established brands that have been around for years.

How Can Dijitul Help Me Grow?

Would you like to achieve a similar goal? Please visit our Automotive Digital Marketing page to find out more.

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