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Even “Boring” Businesses Need A Social Presence

In today’s Dijitul video, our expert film maker David Duffin talks to you about social media for businesses, and more specifically why even if you think your business is the most “boring” in the world, you are still missing out massively if you lack a proper social presence.

Video Transcript;

Hello and welcome to the second ever Dijitul Friday, Today I’m going to talk to you about social, but more specifically I’m going to talk about how you can use social to market your business. You can use many different channels like, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and even this one you’re on right now, YouTube. Its no secret to anyone that social media and networking is a big business, especially if you want to see what your cousin had for dinner last night, or if you just want to see an endless stream of cats who are, not impressed. But aside from all them culture enriching gems there is actually a real use for social media, within a business. After all, where else can you get a customer base of hundreds of millions of people for absolutely free?

Now its 2014 and not 2007 so I’m not going to bore you with the lecture on why social media is so good for businesses, after all earlier this year a Linkedin survey found that 81% of businesses were using social networking, 94% of those do so for marketing purposes, what the other 6% use it for remains a mystery. But in all seriousness this video goes out to the 19% of small companies that aren’t using social media, and to you I simply say, why not? One of the shockingly common reasons I hear for why small businesses don’t engage socially is that they simply think their business is, too boring. This is simply not true and it could be holding you back massively if you think like that.

Of course certain businesses are going to get a lot more interaction socially than others, this doesn’t mean that your company isn’t good, it just simply means that other industries are more socially engaging than others. For example, its natural for people to engage more with a company that sells performance car parts, than a company that just fits roofs every day. this is just simply because there are new car parts coming out all the time and people are thinking of new ways on how they can build their car. People don’t sit at home, and think about other peoples roofs.

What makes the difference though is conversion rate, the fact of the matter is that whilst people may not be going to a tradesmans page to have fun and share all the content, their more than likely looking directly for someone to do a job, therefore the percentage of people that will then go on to become customers will be a lot higher. The truth is that those “Boring” businesses are the ones that people ask other people for recommendations on. If people could provide other people with a link to your website that has information, pictures and a contact form rather than just giving them a name, you’re so much more likely to get new customers.

Honestly there is a place out there in the social world for any and every business, please don’t ever say that you do not belong on social media because that, will be holding you back a lot.

Well that’s it for this weeks Dijitul Friday, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Just comment below and we will try and get in touch with you, see you next week.

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