When did you last update your website?

I was stopped in my tracks last year by a potential client that was enquiring about our website maintenance and marketing services. I had sent them an estimate for the work, which included;

  • Keeping their website news/blog up to date
  • Helping them with their social media strategy
  • Providing updates for their Google Business Listings
  • Carrying out marketing tasks to get their website ranking higher in Google.

I was confident, the conversations had gone well up to that point – but when we had a follow-up call to discuss the proposal in more detail, the client said something that I simply didnt have an answer for…

“Ok, so how come your blog, social media and Google listing hasn’t been updated in 6 months?”

I did not know what to say! I had zero excuses and I felt ashamed that I had not been practising what I preached. It was at that moment that I started treating dijitul as a client when it came to that kind of stuff, and since then, every few weeks I have spent time updating our blog, socials and GMB listings to ensure that we keep customers updated, keep Google happy and ensured that I can never again be stopped in my tracks by a potential future customer!

If you would like help with anything I have discussed above, then contact me on 01623 650333 or email me olly@dijitul.uk – or you can book a call at a time convenient for yourself by using our online booking system.

Don’t put potential customers off by letting basic things like this slip through the net!


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