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A website a day – Day 2

Sorry for the delay on Tuesday’s post – we’re so busy at the moment!

The second website in our 5 part series is a new customer, but the website was a rebuild from one they had already – so they weren’t new to eCommerce.

Website No2 – Tuesday – Mascot Costumes

We were approached by a local company as they had an online shop that was starting to slip in terms of sales due to its dated appearance and over-optimised URL structure. We met with them twice, and started work immediately. The client specified how they wanted the new website to look Рwe were sent a few example sites that we were to base the site on, and the end result is an image-driven responsive eCommerce website that now sets them apart from their competition.

This website was turned around from initial meeting to launched project within 1 month and the customer is over the moon with the end result. We’re now in the standard 3 month warranty period that we give with most of the¬†websites we make just in case anything needs to be tweaked¬†going forward.

Take a look here:

Tomorrow we will be looking at a rebuild of a local leasure facilities website – thanks for reading! ūüôā

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