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Web Blocking Plans Criticised

On-line consumer groups have criticised proposals for websites which stream copyrighted material for free to be banned in the UK.

This follows last weeks meeting between communications minister EdVazey, internet service providers and copyright holders – which annoyed campaigners ‘The Open Rights Group’ as their request to attend the meeting was rejected.

Web blocking is seen as the most effective way for people to stop using illegal websites which stream copyrighted items such as football matches, music and films for free – an increasing problem.

Campaigners such as The Open Rights group however believe that it would be a restriction of free speech, and that more proportionate measures should be taken rather than blocking websites, such as better research and advertisement to find legal ways for people to find the service they are illegally obtaining.

Would better advertisement of legal services get people off of the free illegal option, or is simply banning websites the only way to get people go about it? Leave a comment voicing your opinion below, and be sure to check back on Monday for more internet and technology news from the Web Design team.

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