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UK Economy Grows By 0.5%

The UK economy has narrowly avoided a ‘double-dip’ recession, as the latest statistics released today have revealed, with growth of 0.5%

The growth – for January – March 2011 – returns us back to ‘square one’ in a way, following the 0.5% economic contraction we saw in the last 3 months of 2010. The news has drawn a mixed response from experts and the public alike, the fact that the country has avoided a second month of economic shrinkage is good news, however there had been hopes for more growth, especially as the governments ‘austerity measures’ – or, budget cuts – are still in their early stages.

The internet and E-Commerce still continues to grow and play a huge part in the economy throughout these tough times, showing the way in which the world is going, with more and more people going online.

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