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Twitter Release ‘One Click’ Follow

It’s one of those things that in truth, you probably thought already existed, but, Twitter have finally made it possible for users to follow a Twitter account with one simple click.

Up until now, it is possible for a business or blogger to place a link to their twitter page on their website, however anyone wanting to follow that Twitter account would have to click the link, be taken away from the page they’re on, onto the Twitter page, and then have to press the follow button on the page, meaning 2 whole clicks…1 more click then most people want to do!

But now, by simply filling out a few fields of information, you will be provided with an embed code to place your very own follow button on your page, which with 1 click, will add the ‘clicker’ to your followers list, increasing your followers, and saving the user a whole click!

So, if you have your own page and twitter account, make sure you  and get yourself a trendy follow button right now!

If you would like some help in  getting your follow button onto your website, or any help with anything else web design or online marketing related, then please call our friendly team on 0845 050 204 and we will be happy to help.

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