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Twitter Refuse To Close Rioters Accounts

Popular Micro-blogging platform and second most popular social network in the world, Twitter, have ruled out the possibility of closing the accounts of people believed to have used the service to organise attacks during the English rioting or to incite others to commit acts of violence.

A spokesman for Twitter referred to an official blog post from back in January entitled ‘The Tweets Must Flow’ saying that apart from illegal and spam tweets, nothing is removed as ‘freedom of expression is essential’ and confirmed that this would be the same as ever regarding the riots – however unlike in the Arab uprisings, Twitter has taken a relative back seat as a tool for organising the violence to Blackberry Messenger (BBM).

Twitter refused to officially disclose whether they had been helping the police with their investigations by providing addresses and details of suspected rioters and looters, however one thing that is for sure is that Twitter has also played its positive part in the chaos – with it being used as a way to organise the inspiring mass clean ups of the destroyed areas, with hundreds of people gathering with brushed and bin bags to clean things up.

These recent events, however terrible, have truly shown the power of social networking and what it plays in the everyday life of a huge portion of people in the world.

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