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Twitter Reaches 100m Users

Twitter have claimed that they now have over 100 million active users.

The statistics – which confirm Twitter’s place as the “second” social network, behind Facebook – show that they actually have around 200 million registered users, however only half of those are active, but around half of that 100 million log in every day.

This still leaves them a substantial 550 million accounts behind Facbook, however given the differing nature of the two sites, and the fact that the number of active Twitter users has risen 82% this year do make for healthy reading for the micro blogging platform.

One of the main areas of discussion around Twitter has been how it will commercialise the platform so that they can make more money out of it, in the same way that Facebook and Google do. One of the ways they have been trying is the introduction of ‘promoted tweets’ – where a company pays to have their tweets appear top of a trending list, so as to draw more people to it – and that is expected to be pushed further soon. The companies chief¬†executive¬†Dick Costolo confirmed that they would be pushing the advertising in to wider areas of the business, however he also said that he did not want to alienate users by over commercialising, and later said the company would not go public, saying they wished to remain independent.

Twitter is highly popular amongst all sorts of users, from the average person, to celebrities, and even businesses – yes, Twitter can be a very useful business promotion tool, and if your business does not have a Twitter presence, we highly recommend you get one now.

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