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Tesco Launch Online Used Car Shop

Supermarket giant Tesco have officially become the first major retailer to sell used cars on-line. The company, who are Britains biggest retailer, have been adding more and more services to their repetoire over the past few months, with my opticians, phone shops, insurance and car tyres all available, alongside entertainment items, clothing and general groceries.

The new website, allows users to view a range of used cars from £3000 to £30000 and even ‘pre-order’ them online, however it is not possible to test drive the cars, a video of the car being used is the most someone can expect, although Tesco have insisted that the cars will all be strictly tested before being made available, with mechanical inspections from the RAC.

With a brand name such as Tesco now entering the 1million Google searches a month market of used cars, you have to wonder what effect this could have on the face of the market, will the small time used car dealership begin to disappear? and also how will this effect the internet shopping world? With the countries biggest retailer championing ecommerce for even large items such as cars, will we see further development.

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