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Social Media now No.1 Pastime on the Internet

That’s right, its no longer pornography, or Google search traffic that tops the charts when it comes to time spent online, social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter graph have now overtaken these things and has become the number 1 hit online.

Search engines such as Google and yahoo made up 11.33% of internet visits last month (may 2010) whereas social networks accounted for 11.88% – so although their lead isn’t too great – winning is winning! 🙂

The growth of social media (IMO) can be put down to one thing – smart phones! Since Facebook and twitter have been made available through iPhones, Blackberrys and the rest of the Smartphone family, anyone who is anyone can get involved in social media.

When we speak to some of our customers about social media, they reply with talk of it being something “their kids use” and that they don’t think its their cup of tea. Well, that’s where you are wrong – even if you are not a fan of tea, you should really sample a cup of the social media blend, its free, direct, and very easy to use.

Are you making the best use of Social Networks? Has your business got a presence on Social Networks?

We can help with social media training and optimisation – just give dijitul a call on 01623 650333 and we’ll tell you how Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the other Social Networks can help you get more exposure.

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