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Social Media Used To ‘Clean Up’ London

Social networkings such as Twitter and Facebook are being used to organised ‘clean ups’ of London following the three days of mindless rioting which have torn areas of the capital city apart.

The power that social networking holds in modern times has never more so been shown than over the last few days, as it has been used for both good, and evil in this time of social unrest. The initial meetings and attacks in these riots were organised using Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry messenger, so that the large groups of assailants could remain in quick contact and avoid the police.

However, these clean up operations have shown the community spirit that social can also bring around, with a Facebook group called ‘post riot clean-up: let’s help London’ having 1,500 fans, and many people organising get togethers via Twitter to clean up the broken glass, looted items and charred remains of cars, benchs and anything else the rioters could get their hands on.

This is just testament to how much of an impact social media has on peoples lives in modern times, from recreation, to social unrest and business, it covers it all, and has lead to a big change on the face of the earth.

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