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Social Media beats Entertainment In The UK

It was revealed last year that social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter had become the most popular internet pastime in the world. As can be expected, this has continued to grow and following the news that reportedly half of the UK are signed up to Facebook, it has been revealed that social media sites are now the most popular ‘genre’ of website used in the UK, overtaking previous leaders, entertainment websites such as sky sports, ITV Player, and the BBC iPlayer.

Social networking websites received around 2.4billion visits in January 2011, accounting for some 12.4% of all internet usage in the country. The average time spent on each social networking site per visit was 22 minutes.

Facebook is unsurprisingly the one which attracts the most visitors, whilst entertainment/social media crossover youtube came in second and and Twitter third.

These new statistics may point to the fact that social networking sites are increasingly incorporating entertainment aspects in to their sites, being able to watch videos on Facebook, and Youtube increasingly adding to its huge collection of videos.

Either way, social networking seems to be consuming another victim, and its pretty clear these days, if you aren’t involved in it, then you are missing out.

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