Skype In Talks With Facebook & Google

According to reports, internet phone service ‘Skype’ which is also reportedly due to go public with a £60million Wall Street flotation, has entered negotiations with giants Facebook and Google.

It is thought that the negotiations are more for a partnership deal rather than an outright purchase of Skype, however with the estimated price of a full takeover of Skype at around $3bn and $4bn, both Google and Facebook would have very little trouble coming up with the cash required.

The much more likely scenario however is a joint venture between Skype and one of the 2 companies, the idea of which has turned many heads and got chins wagging over how the co-operations could work.

A partnership with Facebook, it is thought, would more than likely entail the skype software being implemented on the Facebook website, allowing users to video chat and make calls from the website,  something which would presumably go down well for the social networking website.

A link up with Google however is much less easier to predict, as they already allow video calls via their GChat service, but whether it be with facebook or Google, both companies will be hoping to strike the next blow in this internet rivalry, whilst Skype will simply want to increase their paid service conversion rate as despite having 500million users, only 6% actually pay.

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