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Skype Suffers Worldwide Failure

Yesterday, just two weeks after Microsoft completed the massive £5.2bn takeover of internet phone service Skype, it suffered a worldwide technical failure making people unable to make calls, sign into the instant messenger service, or access the Skype website.

The service was down for several hours before a fix was issued through deleting a file call “shared.xml from the program folder, Microsoft have since said they are looking for a more simple fix, but insisted that the problem only affected a small number of the services estimated 600million users.

It is thought that the failure may have been caused during work to integrate Skype with another existing Microsoft service, however these rumours remain unconfirmed

Either way this is rather embarassing for Microsoft, coming only 2 weeks after they controversially made Skype their largets purchase, with many questioning whether Skype’s simple technology and relatively low amount of revenue was enough to justify a multi billion pound price tag.

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