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Skype Buys GroupMe Messaging Service

Internet calling application Skype, which was purchased by Microsoft in a massive deal earlier this year, has reportedly completed the purchase of mobile group messaging service ‘GroupMe’.

This acquisition, of which financial details have not been disclosed, is expected to be used by Skype to simply improve their group messaging, which at the moment is limited, but with the GroupMe technology it is expected that Skype and Microsoft will aim to make a legimitate market contender for Blackberry Messenger and iMessage.

Another point worth noting is that a few months ago a deal was announced which would see Skype implemented into Facebook to help them improve their messaging service and allow for video calls to be made, so it would not be a shock to see some form of Skype+GroupMe+Facebook product coming in the near future – especially since Google+ just recently increased the availability of their group chat ‘hangout’ service, adding more fire to the social media wars.

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