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SEO Pirates Ahoy! Avast me spam lovers!

That’s right folks, the SEO Pirates have been out again taking peoples money and legging it. SEO-Pirates

No – not us of course!

We’ve had someone contact us via a recommendation, and they have been to a SEO Company out in South Normanton way who have promised the earth and delivered nothing! Provided this guy with a pretty poor website and have then done one!

He was mis-informed, mis-sold a website and now has something that cost him hard earned money, and does NOTHING for him!

We keep our SEO as white and clean as possible and never promise anything we cant deliver – we also never trick people into buying a website that we say will get them to the top of google off its own back.

For proper, plain English SEO services, or simply for an chat so you understand what SEO is all about then call us on 01623 650333 or click on contact to get in touch.

The Pirates in Movies are cool… SEO Pirates are crooks, and no matter how you dress that up it aint good!

Thanks for ye reading me tale… Yarrr me hearties!

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