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Scary Internets

Everywhere I go, everyone I talk to mentions this “scary internet”. What is all this internet about people ask me. What is the big deal with this Google thing people keep talking about? The answer is simple really..

Scary InternetsThe internet is the new High Street and everyday millions of people are walking down it window shopping and looking for the next bargain. Most say the internet is a scary place, alot say they are scared to even venture online in case they get a virus or someone hacks into their bank account.

Yes, this does happen from time to time and in certain countries online credit card fraud is a huge business with people from the UK getting their details cloned or identities stolen.

Despite the many horror stories and nervous internet users you have to ask yourself, are YOU putting too much of your personal information online without actually realising? Most day to day internet users fill in contact forms, enter competitions, entering their full names, dates of birth, mothers maiden names etc, ALL the info someone needs to start applying for things like credit cards or online accounts.

What people forget to do is check out the website they’re entering their details onto looking for things such as SSL certificates, padlock logos, privacy policies and so on. Alot assume that whatever on their screen is safe, correct, true and legitimate, this is not always the case. Internet Cat

Every day we speak to another person who has had a bad experience with this “scary internet” or have been scammed by a dodgy eBay retailer, yet know just how important it is for them to have some form of online presence.

Despite what some may say we believe the internet is not that scary, infact, I think it should be the other way round and the internet be scared of us. If you think about it, we make the internet, you make the internet, we all make the internet what it is today by the things we decide to use it for.

Going back to when the WWW revolution began it was practically a blank canvas and its all down to the millions if not billions of users that make our experience a whole lot better. Who knows what will be the next big thing? Could YOU be the next big wave on the internet, if you get your online marketing right then who knows?

If you find the internet a scary place then please give us a call and lets give you a few positive things to be thinking about. The web may be scary, but we are not! Call Dijitul today on 01623 650333.

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