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Probably an incorrect setting for the filesystem.rootpath option

From time to time we work with developers on certain jobs – some like to use the same software we do (wordpress, cubecart, etc) but others like to use their own software – and one developer in question helped us with a couple of awesome projects – and for them we used his home-made framework.

There are limitations to this developer’s software, as it is what it is. With WordPress you can bolt so much stuff on to it you can literally get it doing whatever you want. tinymceHowever, this framework suited the job in hand perfectly and if it wasn’t for one small issue it would be totally flawless.

The site in question uses the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor for when adding/editing content to pages and blog posts. Everything works fine, but when the user went to upload an image they got the following error;

“The specified path is not a directory. Probably an incorrect setting for the filesystem.rootpath option.”

We did some google searching, found two config.php files in the admin folder (once in tiny_mce, and one just below it) we altered the filesystem.roothpath option in both, and bingo.

The problem was that it was set to a different absolute path in both config.php files – one was pointing to the OTHER site we had developed by this guy, and one was correct.

The lesson we learned here was that when we partner with people to work on projects with, do more research on them and maybe even talk to previous customers of theirs!

Hope this helps.

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