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Paid Advertising On Nextdoor

The pursuit of new advertising methods and platforms is a continual quest amongst digital marketing professionals and business owners alike. Utilising platforms such as Google Ads is usually the first port of call but in some industries and regions, this space is crowded and expensive – so alternative platforms are needed.

What is Nextdoor?

Imagine neighbourhood watch – but online. Thats what Nextdoor has become. A few years ago (ok, around 2010 actually!) there were a plethora of niche social networks such as Path, Basement, Foursquare and more and Nextdoor was started around that time too. However, its one of the few that have survived.

Who uses Nextdoor?

The user base seems to be that of stay at home mums, retired people and anyone that cares about the area they live in – totalling around 33 million weekly active users! This makes for a fantastic audience & platform to advertise local businesses/services on.

Advertising on Nextdoor

If you would like to advertise your business on the Nextdoor platform then get in touch – we work with many local businesses up and down the country and help the find new customers and sell their products and services to an ever growing customer base.

Costs for advertising vary depending on the cost per click etc, but to learn more just schedule a call and lets get to it.

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