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Online Sales increase by a 1/5th in January

According to recent statistics published by IMRG Capgemini, online sales rose by 21 percent which equates to an average spend of roughly £83 per person.

In comparison to the same period during 2010 the increase was an impressive 31 percent which was possibly fuelled by the January sales and much awaited VAT rise.

Those booking holidays online must have been feeling rather flush this year as the average holiday cost rose to £886 which is a level that has not been topped for over two years.

Buying products for the home also increased by 51 percent compared to the previous year. Home and Garden were the most popular lines, pushing the average shopping basket up to £120.  The IMRG have reminded us that last years figures were a record lull for e-commerce, and January’s figures were still £1.7bn less than December, however it is thought that Decembers were increased due to people being kept indoors because of the bad weather, and overall the signs are positive.

These promising figures are further proof to those who are unsure about getting their business online, that it really is the place to be, and they should get looking around for some quality e-commerce design.

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