MP’s Expenses Rules Relaxed

Following the MPs expenses scandal that rocked the nation in 2009, politicians all over the country  gushed with apologies and promises that it should not and would not ever happen again. A watchdog was set up to ‘regulate’ the expenses and the rules were changed so that there were restrictions on what could be claimed for, so as to give the taxpayer a fairer deal and try to win some respect back for the tattered face of British politics.

However, following the news a few weeks ago that hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayer money had been spent on office furniture, another sign that its returning to business as usual for MPs has emerged. The stricter rules which were implemeted after the scandal have now been relaxed following weeks of whinging from MPs about them being ‘anti-family’ amongst other things. Many more MPs can now once again claim for accomodation regardless of where they live, whilst those with children under 18 can claim for childcare, and MPs will be given a taxpayer funded credit card with a limit of £4000 per month to spend on…well…who knows what they really will spend it on.

With rules relaxed and MPs once again beginning to show their true colours and greed, how long is it before we learn that our money has again been spent on a duck house, or jam doughnuts?

Whilst small businesses and families all over the country struggle with soaring petrol prices and the tough economic conditions, it is quite disgusting that extremely well paid MPs still have the nerve to use the money of those who voted for them for things that their 6 figure salaries could surely afford.

Whether this will be the dawn of another scandal or if they have learnt their lesson will be found out in due time, however, this has done nothing to give me anymore faith in my MP than before.

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