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Internet Marketing Spending To Exceed $19billion

According to a recent report by the Econsultancy,  search marketing is expected to grow by 16% throughout 2011, leaving the total spend at an estimated $19.3billion dollars, which equates to around £11.8billion.

The report states that this growth is partially boosted by the increase in both social media and mobile searching, apparently more than 75% of companies have cited mobile’s as having an impact on their marketing strategy, be it through mobile apps, social media on mobiles, or mobile friendly websites.

The report also points out that social media marketing, particularly facebook has increased since last year, 84% of companies surveyed say they use facebook as part of their marketing campaign, up from 73% last year. These stats show that more people are coming to terms with what we here at dijitul have been saying for a while, that social media, mobile, and regular digital marketing should all be used alongside each other as part of a wider marketing plan – a statement recently backed up by Google’s own search expert Matt Cutts.

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